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    Thursday - February 20, 2020
    You've heard all the reasons why businesses fail: lack of capital, poor product execution, or too much competition seem to be the most frequent excuses. Lately, it's become more common to hear about retail stores closing due to competition with online stores and marketplaces such as Amazon. If e-commerce businesses are the killers of brick-and-mortar success, what makes an e-commerce store successful in the long term? One of the biggest advantages of an e-commerce business, without a doubt, is the low barrier to entry. [More...]

    Friday - February 21, 2020
    Since Android's unveiling in 2007, the platform has stayed true to its commitment to provide open and free source code. The source code is freely available to developers and device manufacturers who can, at their own discretion, install the software without worrying about the hassles of licensing fees. The consequent reduction in fees allows device manufacturers to bring Android devices to the market at significantly lower prices than the competition, with the average price of an Android smartphone almost US$400 cheaper than an iPhone. [More...]

    Wednesday - February 19, 2020
    Eclypsium has released new research that identifies and confirms unsigned firmware in WiFi adapters, USB hubs, trackpads and cameras used in Windows and Linux computer and server products from Lenovo, Dell, HP and other major manufacturers. Eclypsium also demonstrated a successful attack on a server via a network interface card with unsigned firmware used by each of the big three server manufacturers. The demonstration shows the exposed attack vector once firmware on any of these components is infected using the issues the report describes. [More...]

    Thursday - February 20, 2020
    Microsoft has unveiled several new artificial intelligence capabilities across Dynamics 365 applications and a new solution to help project-centric services organizations transform their operations. The AI enhancements include first- and third-party data connections in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Microsoft's customer data platform. "The work in AI and CDP is new and a key part of Microsoft taking their products to an AI-driven approach," noted Ray Wang, principal analyst at Constellation Research. [More...]


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    How worried are you about climate change?
    I believe it will cause global catastrophe in my lifetime.
    I'm very worried but I believe nations will come together to reverse it.
    I'm very worried and I think the private sector is our best hope.
    I'm somewhat worried but I don't think it will affect me much personally.
    I've changed my own behavior to do what I can to help the planet.
    I'm not worried -- it's a natural cycle.
    I'm not worried -- it's a media hoax.

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